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~Our 2011 Zinfandel~

Our 2011 Zinfandel was listed by wine writer Jon Bonné as one of his Top 100 Wines in 2014 in the San Francisco Chronicle and New York Chef Danny Meyer names it as one of his Seven Favorite Wines in Food & Wine Magazine’s July 1, 2015 article Danny Meyer’s Wine Rules.

~Articles about Sky~

Jon Bonné, Chronicle Wine Editor

San Francisco Chronicle September 7, 2007

On the face of it, Sky Vineyards shouldn’t even be in Napa Valley. Its mailing address is in Sonoma County. So is the turnoff to its long dirt driveway. Only as you climb near the summit of Mount Veeder and cross the precipitous ranch trail that divides the two counties, do you finally reach Sky’s 14 acres of gnarled vines.

This is Napa.

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~Articles that mention Sky ~

On December 20, 2012, New York Times wine writer Eric Asimov wrote an article about Zinfandel exploring lower alcohol zins with elegance and finesse.  His article, Sense of Restraint about Zinfandel, listed Sky Zinfandel 2008 as number five in their top ten list.  The article read in part:  “Other bottles that we found highly appealing included […] the dense yet nuanced 2008 Sky from Mount Veeder in Napa Valley.”


On March 3, 2013, San Francisco Chronicle wine write Jon Bonné wrote an article, History underscores Zinfandel’s New Track, in which he examines recent and old developments in Zinfandel’s history.  The article mentions Sky:

“It’s too soon to herald its return from the seas of bombast. But an ambitious, and expanding, roster of wines provide the clues to a great Zinfandel revival.  That includes stalwart evangelists for Zinfandel’s quieter side through the years – both the famous (Ridge) and the loyally esoteric (Napa’s Sky Vineyards).”


Commonwealth, a great new restaurant in San Francisco, received a glowing review in the November 28, 2010 San Francisco Chronicle.  Sky was mentioned in the discussion of the wine list:

Excerpted from Michael Bauer’s review, Commonwealth offers exciting, unusual dining, November 28, 2010

“[Commonwealth’s Sommelier Sarah Elliot’s] wine matches for the five-course tasting menu is nicely priced at $30. The best match on my visit was the 2007 Sky Vineyards Zinfandel with the squab, chicories and a hint of licorice that brought out a rich fruitiness in the wine. “

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