Sky Vineyards is owned and operated primarily by Lore Olds.

Sky Vineyards also relies on the seemingly endless wealth of support and assistance from our family, friends, and fans.

There have been many Sky Crews over the past three-plus decades, without whose help Sky would not be where it is today.  The cast of characters of the center nucleus and surrounding circles has changed and evolved over the years.

Currently, the nucleus includes:

  • Skyla Olds: Lore’s second daughter assists in all Sky affairs, from wine making to legal advice.
  • Matt Gerloff: Manager of sales and key man in the field and winery.
  • Jesse Apgar: The man at sky and procurer of necessary items.
  • Amy Dencler
  • Paloma Apgar
  • Chris Bowman
  • Val Apgar
  • Mica Muskat
  • Plus our newest recruits, set to lead the vineyard crews in 2025: Isobel and Archer

In addition to the core family players, we want to thank and appreciate all the wonderful volunteers who come up to help pick grapes, bottle, label, and help out in a vast assortment of other ways.   You help make the wine and create the special Sky community.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.