Labeling 2007 Sky Zin

Exciting news from the winery:  Our 2007 Sky Zin is labeled and ready to be sold!

Sky has finally entered the 1990s and upgraded our labeling line.  We have an snazzy new label machine and we are loving it.

We still have a labor intensive and by-hand approach to labeling.  Our crew washes and dries each bottle by hand, puts a capsule on and runs each bottle through the foiler, applies a back and front label, assesses for quality while placing in the cases and stacks each case.  The only difference is that now the back and front labels are now applied by one person running the new machine instead of a horde of people fighting the insanity that used to be our glue machine.

For those of us on the label-adhering part of the labeling line, life is good!  Well, life is at least more consistent in the height of the label, how straight it is applied, and gone are the messy gluey edges that needed to be cleaned up.

After two long days of washing, foiling, labeling, stacking, chatting, laughing, ribbing, dancing and more, all at a frenetic pace, we labeled a record breaking 552 cases in one weekend.

Many, many thanks to the great volunteer crews in August for helping label the 2007.  The home crew for the weekend was Lore, Matt, Jesse, and Skyla (we were so excited about the wine and the new machine that we couldn’t wait for Saturday morning so we did a quick bout of night labeling).

Our amazing volunteers were: Amy, Don, Steve, Giselle, Nic, Ellison, Roseanne, Nina, Justin, Kate, Gina, Nicole, Lauren, and Tom.  Thanks everyone!

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