November Wine Release

Dear Sky fans,

We are pleased to offer new Sky wines: 2013 Sky Syrah, 2015 Sky Half’n, 2017 Sky rose, and 2017 Sky Riesling from Wirz Vineyard.

The past year has been epically challenging. The 2017 Harvest was dramatic, fluctuating from picking Zinfandel in multiple 100+ degree days, to then twiddling our thumbs waiting for the Syrah to ripen after as the weather dropped to downright cold for a week. Then, a few weeks later, I brought in one ton of Riesling grapes from the beautiful and special Wirz Vineyard (dry farmed, own-rooted, Riesling fruit planted in the 1960s in decomposed granite and limestone, grown by a delightfully eccentric old man and his daughter at 2000 feet elevation in the hills outside of Hollister), and made my first white wine. We crushed and pressed the Riesling under the light of two bare bulbs, powered by the generator in the fading twilight on the crush pad on October 5, 2017. The next morning I moved the juice into a cute new stainless steel tank and hoped that it would start fermenting soon.

On Sunday October 8, we had a special family dinner at Sky. We gathered in the candlelight around the beautiful wooden table that Lore made 50 years ago in his wood shop class, ate and drank the food and wine that we had all come together to prepare. I remember feeling so happy and content.  Isobel, my 9 year old niece, whipped the cream for the dessert, splattering it everywhere and licking the whisk, just as we did when we were her age. The evening had that happy warm glow when everyone is getting along, and the meal is amazing, and the wines are singing, despite the howling and hot fierce wind whipping around outside.

A few hours later, the Nuns Canyon Wildfire started, followed soon by the Partrick Fire and Norrobom Fire. My cottage in town burned down Monday morning, the family congregated at our sister’s house on the safer west side of Sonoma, and then we waited and watched the raging fires.  Sometime on Wednesday afternoon, the three fires raced up the various canyons and merged, somewhere right around Sky Vineyards.  The fires burned through the entirety of our property, blackening the vineyard, torching the trees and the brush, destroying our home.

But – and stick with me here, the story is about to get better – all was not lost. Still standing, remarkably, against reason, and beautifully proud, is the winery.  The barn, designed by my architect grandfather, Walter Olds, and built in 1976 by him, my father, and whomever they could enlist to help, with reclaimed wood from Pier 69 in San Francisco, survived the fire. And with it, survived the four most recent vintages of Sky.  We lost all of our library wines from the 1980s and 1990s, stored in the cellar under the house, but the wines in the winery are beautifully intact.  And when I walked in to the winery for the first time, barred from the property for over a week with the CHP blocking Cavedale, and sneaking up through vineyard back roads, I could hear my little Riesling project politely fermenting away, with the new stainless tank still cold to the touch. And although the vineyards were scorched and blacked, a majority of the vines are still here, fighting to survive.

So, it is with the a great sense of resilience and hope that we offer the following new releases:

2013 Sky Syrah, Mt. Veeder, Napa Valley, Estate grown, $27/bottle

2015 Sky Halfn’, Mt. Veeder, Napa Valley Red Wine, Co-fermented 50/50 blend of Estate Syrah and Zinfandel,  $36/bottle

2017 Sky Rose, Mt. Veeder, Napa Valley, 60% Zinfandel/30% Syrah/10% Grenache $30/bottle, with a 3 bottle limit

2017 Sky Wirz Vineyard Riesling, Cienega Valley, $30/bottle, with a 3 bottle limit

Also still available is the 2013 Sky Zinfandel, $38/bottle.

(Our 2014 Sky Zinfandel and 2014 Sky Syrah will be available in the upcoming months.)

Thank you for your support and enjoy the wine!

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Sky Vineyards