A brief note from Sky, on October 15, 2017:

We have experienced significant losses in the Wine County wildfires and are still assessing damages.  We are all safe and so grateful for that.  Our house at Sky burned down, the fire burned through the vineyard and the rest of the property, but fortunately and tremendously, our winery still stands. 

Our inventory of current releases in Sonoma is also unharmed, so our online sales are open and available.  Shipping may be delayed for a few weeks while we gather our bearings, but if you need wine soon for a specific occasion, drop us an email and we will do our best to get it out to you!

Thank you to our amazing Sky community for all of your love and support. 


Sky Vineyards is a fourteen-acre vineyard and small family winery nestled between the crown of Mt. Veeder and the expansive sky. Planted at an elevation of 2100 feet and on the eastern-facing hillside, the Zinfandel and Syrah grapevines ripen under full sun and fog-cooled evenings into intense berries. The reddish volcanic soil and unique physical characteristics of Sky produce a unique wine that reflects where it was grown and the care and attention it receives at every step of the process.

Sky Vineyards strives to incorporate sustainable practices into the cultivation of the vines and operation of the winery. We have been farming organically for over a decade. Responsible practices include use of permanent cover crops, dry farming, promotion of birds and beneficial insects, minimal water use at the winery and a dimunitive carbon footprint. Sky is off the power grid and relies on solar panels and minimal generator use to power our activities.

The resulting intensely flavored fruit is then hand-harvested and fermented in open top one-ton bins. Punch down is performed by hand three times per day. After fermentation, it is pressed in a traditional basket press and aged in French oak barrels. Lore Olds designs artwork for each new vintage.

Sky wines typically have intense fruit, raspberry, violet and peppery flavors. They are well structured and have balanced acid and tannins. These Zinfandels age beautifully, and while enjoyable when young, they continue to mature. Sky Vineyards is proud of the one hundred percent hand-crafted Zinfandel and Syrah that we produce and believe the care and attention is reflected in every glass.